Serbian Youth Groups

Serbian youth groups
Figure 1.--The Scouts were the first Serbian youth group. Their history is rather complicated because of all the different political changes in Serbia and Yugoslavia.

The first Serbian youth groups we know of was the Boy Scouts organized in 1911. We do not think it was a very large movement by the time World War broke out (1914). Serbiawas occupied by the Central Powers (1915). I do not know about Scouting ctivities during the War. Scouting became more prominant after the War, but Serbia became of Yugoslavia and I am not sure about the organization of Scouting during the inter-War era as this was a period in which ethnic and religious animosities became increasungly pronounced. Russian emigrees organized Scouting units. Sokol groups were organized in Serbia. I'm not sure if there were other nationalist groups. The Scouts had to suspend activities after the German World War II invasion (1941). After the War the Communist Partisans under Tito seized control of the country. The Communists did not ban Scouting as was the case of the Soviet Eastern European sateliites countries. Instead the Communists seized control of the movement and it addition added the Young Pioneer movement. At this time we have very limited information on the Yugoslav Pioneer movement and nothing specifically on Serbian Pioneers. The WOSM discontinued its recognition of Serbian and other Yugoslav Scouting. The Pioneer movement disappeared with the fall of Communism. Yugoslavia began to desintegrate (1990s). Scouting movements in each republic joined the WOSM. Servia tried to prevent the other republics from leaving the Union, but all that was left of Yugoslavia when the country rejoined the WISM was Serbia and Montenegro. Montenegro decided to disolve its ties with Serbia and declared independene (2006).


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