Peruvian Youth Groups

Figure 1.--Here we see some Peruvian Scouts and Guides in 2007. They wear very similar uniforms even though there are two sepatrate associtions.

We know very little about Peruvian youth groups. We think that is primarily because there are very few such movements and the ones that do exit have a very small membership. This probably refldcts the fact that Peru is a relatively poor country. The principal youth groups are the Scouts and Guides which are separate associtions. The Scout Association is the Asociación de Scouts del Perú (ASP) fiunded in 1911. The Guide Association is the Asociación Nacional de Guías Scouts del Perú founded in 1916. The boys and girls seem to wear similar uniforms. We have not yet found information about any other youth groups in Peru. Scouts and Guides are an essentially middle-class movement and the groups tend to be small in countries like Peru with low-incom levels and small middle classes. Hopefully Peruvian readers can provide us more information.


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Created: 6:27 PM 10/29/2008
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