Boys' Brigade Uniforms: Chronology--the 1890s

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A time-line chronolog is helpful in following the history of the Boys' Brigade and other related uniformed youth groups in Britain and other countries. We will include major developments in other youth groups to provide helpful back ground information. The chronology also helps to put the uniform developments in perspective.

Individual Years


The Boys Brigade is organized in Australia. I am unsure why the Boys' Brigade organized later in Australia than some of the other British colonies. We are also not sure to what extent the overseas Boys' Brigade units attempted to coordinate their uniforms with the British Boys' Brigade. The Church Church Lads' Brigade was also founded in 1891.


The Brigade began operating in the Caribbean during 1892. The Girls' Brigade was formed in Ireland.


The Brigade Branch of the Church Missionary Society was organized in 1894.


The BB a magazine for boys began publishing in 1895, but only published until 1900.


The Jewish Lads' Brigade was formed in 1996. The first Girls Company, however was not organized until 1963. The Brigade Auxiliary of (Free) Church of Scotland Missions began operating in 1897.


HRH The Duke of York became the Brigade sponsor in 1897. The Duke of York at the time was the future George V.


The Boys' Life Brigade was formed in 1899. The Brigade Auxiliary of London Missionary Society (now Council for World Mission) was also begun in 1899.


Muriel Gibbs, A Date to Remember (Boys' Brigade Archive Press).

Christopher Wagner

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Created: June 12, 2002
Last updated: July 12, 2002