Boys' Brigade Uniforms: Chronology--The 1900s

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A time-line chronolog is helpful in following the history of the Boys' Brigade and other related uniformed youth groups in Britain and other countries. We will include major developments in other youth groups to provide helpful back ground information. The chronology also helps to put the uniform developments in perspective.

Individual Years


The Brigadier magazine for boys began publishing in 1900, but only lasted until 1904. This was the first of a number of Brigade publications which did not prove to be very successful. Girls' Guildry was formed in Scotland.


When Queen Victoria died in 1901 the Prince of Wales became Edward VII. The Brigade patron, the Duke of York, thus became the Prince of Wales (future George V). Different kinds of youth groups began to form in the 1900s. The Wandervogel was formed on November 4, 1901, and became Germany's most important youth groups. It many ways they were similar to the Scouts stressing hiking and camping. Like Scouting, the Wandervogel, it was not associated with any specific church and in fact thegeneral ethos of the organization was a suspicion of major estanlished institutions, including the Church.


The Girls' Life Brigade was organized in England The Frivilligt Drenge-Forbund (Danish Boys' Brigade was organized.


Major-General-Baden Powell was made an honorary Vice-Presidenet of the Brigade. This began an association which was initially conceived of making Scouting a unit of the Boys' Brigade


The Federation of Methodist Companies was organized in 1904. The group now includes a liaison with Overseas Division.


Baden-Powell held his first Scout Camp in 1907. Boys' Brigade members participated.


The Brigade celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 1908. The Brigade was organized in Nigeria. The Boy Scout Scout Association was organized in 1908.


Sir William A. Smith knighted by Edward VII


Muriel Gibbs, A Date to Remember (Boys' Brigade Archive Press).

Christopher Wagner

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