Belgium Vlaamse Nationale Jeugd (VNJ e.V.) Youth Uniforms: Activities--Zang Feest

Figure 1.--Zangfeest draws a large group of enthusiastic participants..

One popular event for VNJ groups is the annual Zang Feest. I have liitle information about this event. The VNJ groups have drum and bugle corps. I assume singing is also involved, but do not know at this time. The Zangfeest pictured here was held in April 2000.

The Event

'Het Zangfeest' is a meeting where poeple come to sing traditional Flemisch songs. There are a lot of attractions there and one of them is a meeting of the bands of the different Flemish youth mouvements. So there are bands from Scout, Chiro, KSA, and VNJ units. At the 2000 Zang Feest, 10,000 poeple came to sing and to listen to the VNJ political message. The central theme is always Flandern (Flanders as a separte part of Belgium). It is usually held during April. I'm not sure if tere are comopetitons or if tye different bands just perform.


The available photographs show mostly band participants, drums and trumpets. I don't know if other instruments or perhaps coral groups are also involved.


Most of the participants wear the standard VNJ short pants uniform, despitethe fact that it can be a little chilly in Flanders during April. The band members add white gloves for a formal touch. Most of the VNJ members wear an orange kerchief. Some but not all have green epaulets.

Figure 2.--Trumpets areone of the most popular instruments at VNJ events. Notice the formal white gloves that the band members wear. Also notice the green epaulets--not all the VNJ boys have them.

Scout Bands

The VNJ bands are similar in some ways to Scout bannds which are particularly popular with British scouts. The British hold hotly competive band competitions. I do not know, however, if the VNJ participates in these competitions are just appear in their own events like Zangfeest.

Figure 3.--Drums are particularly important at VNJ events.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: June 9, 2000
Last updated: June 9, 2000