Weimar Youth Groups: School and Vacation Groups

Figure 1.-- At first glance these boys look like a youth group. We believe, however, it is a school group. Note that the boys do not wear uniforms and there are no banners. Also the boys are wearing school caps. We suspect that this is an informal school ouring rather than a youth group. We also though that the background might be their school, but it looks rather grand for a school. Perhaps it was a local attraction to which they hiked. All we know for sure was that the photograph was taken in 1929.

HBU has acquired a substantial number of German images that we cannot identify. Some of them are clearly organized youth groups. Others appear to be school or vacation home groups. It is often difficult to identify these images and many have no information on the back. It is possible, however, to identify the type of group. Only actual youth groups had uniforms. While we cannot at this time, in most cases, identify the specific group from the uniforms, the fact that there is a uniform does tell us it is a youth group. Group banners also suggest a youth group. School groups can also be identified by the school caps the boys wear. Very few German schools had uniforms. Also we do not seen school groups with banners. At scome schools, an interested teacher may have organized hikes and other activities, but this is a school group and not a youth group. Boys at vacation homes even though they may have come from the same school did not often wear their school caps as far as we can tell


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