Nationale Jeugdstorm Activities

Figure 1.--This NJS drum unit is participating in a parade. We have no details but it looks to be some kind of NSB political function. Most of the available images show the NJS boys in military formations or psarades of some kind.

The NJS presumably had many of the same activiyties as the Scouts and Hitler Youth. The Hiler Youth when the NAZIs seized power in Germany took over the facilities of the other youth groups in Germany which were either incorporated in the HJ movement or banned. Presumably the same thing occurred in the Netherlands, although I have no details at this time. This presumably provided access to facilities for camping and other outdoor activities. Mosdt of the images we have found, however, show the NJS youth in city environments , usually participating in civic dermonstrations or parades of some kind. Presumably they were used by the Nationaal-Socialistische Beweging (NSB), The NAZI occupation authorities designayed the NSB as the only political part permitted (December 14, 1941). The NJS was certainly used in party ralies and political demonstrations. The available photographic archive conforms this. The boys are usually stranding in military formation or marching. We also note drum and buggle units that look just like their HJ counterparts.


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