South African Nationalist Youth Groups

Figure 1.--The photograph shows a group of South Afrrican Penkopss. It looks like a group about 2000. The Penkopss are the Cub-level group of the Voortrekkers

We know of only one South African nationalist youth group at this time--the Voortrekkers. There are other groups in the country which may have sponsored nationalist groups such as the African National Congress.


The Voortrekkers is an Afrikaner youth movement founded in South Africa (1931). It was an Afrikaans-language alternative to the English-speaking Boy Scout movement. They took the name by the Voortrekkers (Afrikaans for pioneers), the white Afrikaner farmers, then known as Boers, who in the 1830s and 1840s emigrated from the British Cape Colony into the areas north of the Orange River. The Youth movement of Voortrekkers developed its own identity, represented in what they called their ABC: Afrikanerskap, Burgerskap, Christenskap (Afrikanership, Citizenship, Christianity). This image here shows a group of Penkopss Voortrekkers (figure 1). The Penkopss are the Cub-level Voortrekker group.

Other Nationalists Groups

We do not know of any other South African nationalist groups at this time. We think the South Aftrican National Congress may have had a youth movement, but have few details at this time. Some of the tribal groups may hahave had youth organizations. Hopefully our South Afrivan readers will have more information.


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Created: March 24, 2003
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