Soviet Young Pioneers: Civic Ceremonies

Figure 1.--Here we see Pioneers about 1980 participating in a ceremony at Lennin tomb in Red Square. This was the most importnt civic ceremony in which a Pioner could participte. Note the especially smart uniforms.

Small groups of Pioneers alsp participate in a varietyy of ceremonial functions. Of course the single most important of these was ceremonies at Moscow's Red Square around Lennin's tomb. This of course was only one memmorial where ceremonies were held. There were many others located throughout the country. The most important were those associated with the Great Patriotic War. These were normally carried out on important days to honor the courage of the men and women who dstroyed the invading German Whermacht. In addition to these there were a wide variety of other cermonial occassions in which Pioeer boy an girls might be featured. For especially important events the children might be issued special uniforms. A reader writes, "I have been inside Lenin's tomb. The Pioneers would have walked down a flight of stairs before coming into a marble Mausoleum. In the center is Lenin. He is in his tomb. There is a glass cover. He is wearing a suit. A spot light shines on it. You are kept about 5 feet away by a roped barrier. You file passed and then you exit. The route takes you through a garden of remembrance. As you walk along you encounter the names of British and Russians who played an important part in Soviet history."


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