Soviet Young Pioneers: Activites--Field Trips

Figure 1.--This look like a school/Young Pioneer field trip to a museum with a patriotic deisplay of Lennin. We are not sure where the museum was located, perhaps Moscow. The photograph seems to have been taken in 1986.

We note Young Pioneer groups taking field trips. The ones we have noted or trips to what look like patriotic monuments and exhibitions. We suspect that there were also trips to museums and other points of interest to the children, much like school field trips. In fact because the Pioneeers were an essentially school-based youth groups, Young Pioneer fiekd ytrips seem to be essentially school field trips. Perhaps school and Pioneer field trips were organized separately. This we do not yet know. It may be there were separate field trips depending on the purpose of the visit. This is difficult to assess because the school uniforms and Pioneer uniforms were essentially the same. Hopefully our Russian readers will tell us more.


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Created: 10:49 PM 4/21/2007
Last updated: 10:49 PM 4/21/2007