Soviet Young Pioneer Activities: Million Native Land Motion/March

Figure 1.--.

Another Pioneer activity was "Million Native Land Motion/March" . This was called a "motion" or "march" by the Pioneer organization. Pioneer units organized paper and scrab metal drives. Pioneers walked from apartment to apartment asking if the occupants had old newspapers and magazines or scrap metal such as old pots and pans. Children also looked for any discaded metal items in the neighborhood. They would then bring the material gathered to collection points. There materials were then recycled. The children were told that these collections were important for the national economy. I do not know if there are any definitive studies showing how valuable these efforts were. Pioneer literture claimed that there were tractors, railroad locomotives (trains) and even seagoing ships constructed from the scarap metal collected by the children. Some larger items were named in honor of the Pioneers, often using the names of Pioneer heros. Many Pioneers were killed during World War II in the struggle against German Fascism. Some were given the title of Hero of the Soviet Union on the level with adult soldiers. In the Soviet merchant fleet there was an entire flotilla of ships, which were nammed after Pioneer heroes. For example the "Pioneer of Wahl Cat" and others. Special tables were established on all such vessels, locomotives, tractors, ships that were made from the scrap metal collected by the Pioneers. This motion was an annual event and highly promoted by the Pioneer Organization.


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