Soviet Young Pioneers: Photography

Figure 1.--Most of the Young Pioneer images that we have archived so far seem to be official-looking photographs or taken at the show-case camps. We do not find many of the informal photographs tha are so commom in Scouting. Here we see Pioneers at the show-case Carvelle Summer camp.

Our Russian readers have sent us some fascinating images of Soviet Young Pioneers. With these impages an accompanying information, we have begun to piece together some basic details about the Pioneer Movement. We note, however, that almost all the availavle images appear to be "official" photographs. Many are images of Pioneers at parades in major cities (especially Moscow and Lenningrad (St. Petersburg) or at the show case Summer camps like Artkek. We see far few informal images images taken by parents and at small group troop activities such as hiking and camping. We are not sure why this was, but suspect it reflects the more centralized management of the movement. Perhaps readers may have some thoughts here.


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Created: 6:23 AM 4/18/2005
Last updated: 6:23 AM 4/18/2005