*** Soviet young pioneer uniforms : specialized divisions

Soviet Young Pioneers: Specialized Divisions

Figure 1.--This Russian boy in 1978 wears the uniform of Caravella group founded by Vladislav Krapivinin in 1965. He is a summer camp in the Crimea.

The Soviet Young Pioneers had specialized divisions much as the Boy Scouts and Hitler Youth had Sea and Air Scout units. HBU still has limited informatiin on this. We have images of boys wearing sailor suits as part of a organized youth group. We note marine Young Pioneers with different uniforms. Presumably in the Soviet Union there were no organized youth groups organizationally independent from the pioneers. I know nothing about the organization of such specialized Pioneer divisions yet, but the existence of independent units seem likely. We think there were other specislized groups, but have no information at this time. We do not know if there were similar specialized units for girls. We have some information on Caravella, a Pioneer unit that has survived the Pioneeer in modern post-Soviet Russia.


The Pioneer shown here was photographed at the the specialized "naval" pioneer summer camp "Karavella" in the Crimea. We have since learned that this was not the case. A Russian reader writes, "There is an error on your site. A specialized "naval" pioneer summer camp "Karavella" in the Crimea never existed. The boy sen here is from the �Caravella� group been formed in 1965 from domestic street boys and girls by journalist and author Vladislav Krapivin in Sverdlovsk. The group was a Pioneer unit, but had its own destinctive uniform. Vladislav Krapivin became the great children's writer. He now lives in Yekaterinburg (earlier Sverdlovsk). The �Caravella� group has survived the now defunct Pioneer organization and is now a youth marine and journalistic group.


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Created: February 24, 2002
Last updated: September 23, 2003