Boy Scout Uniforms: Activities--Boating

Figure 1.--Sea Scouts in New Zealand use a standard boat called a Cutter, 17.5 feet long. It can be rowed with 6 oars and a cox or sailed with a maximum of 7 crew. Seen here are 2 Cutters racing at Lyttelton, New Zealand on a days sailing expedition with the Sea Scout Troop in 2006.

Boating is a popular Scout activity. Generally this is an activity persued at Scout camps which are often located on lakes where boating, swimming, amnd other water activities can be persued. This can include canoees, row boas, and sailboats. While boating is mostly restricted to camps for most Scout programs, there is one primary exception. The Sea Scout program makes boating the focus of the ebtire program. Thus they are set up to make boating the primary activity in the local community. This of course exerts a geopgraphic limitation as to where Sea Scouting can be persued. It is generally a more restricted boaing program. The primary focus is placed on sailing. There often is some basic work on row boats, but less commonly with canoeing. Most Sea Scout programs give their primary emohasis to sailing.


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