Boy Scout Uniforms: Activities--Games

Figure 1.--Games are particularly popular with Cubs and younger Scouts around the world. Wide games are particular favorites of Scouts like these German Scouts in 1977.

Scouts are particularly well known for games. These are a special favorite for Cub age boys. Leaders pursue a wide range of games with the Cubs including many outdoor circle games and roughhouse games like "British bulldog". There are also indoor games like racing matchbox cars. Scouts also pursue a wide range of games. Outdoor wide games like "capture the flag" are great favorites. Many of these games are played by Scouts around the world. Both indoor and outdoor games have been developed.

Cub Games

Scout Games

Scouts habe played a wide range of both indoor and outdoor games. Of course the favorites have been outdoor games.

Indoor games

Outdoor games

Here is a list of some of the popular outdoor games from Scouts around the world. Some of the favorites are "Capture the Flag" and "British Bulldog".

Christopher Wagner

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Created: February 25, 2001
Last updated: February 25, 2001