Cameroon Scouts

Cameroon Scouts
Figure 1.-- Here we see Cameroon Scouts enjoying a campung experience near Logbessou (1926).

We know little about the early history of the Cameroon Scout movement. Kameroon was a German colony at the time the Scouting movement was founded in England. We do not know if Scouting or any other youth group was organized during the German colonial period. As far as we knoww it was not. As a result of World War I, German Kameroon was partitioned by the Brirish and French. We know that Scouting groups were founded in both the French and British Cameroon. Scouting was introduced in East Cameroon (1924). Here we see Cameroon Scouts enjoying a camping experience near Logbessou (figure 1). Scouting in West Cameroon was introduved mich later (1937). As a result of the separate British and French sectors, the Scouting movemrnt at the time if indepenbdence was divided (1960-61). A few years after indeoendence, Cameroon Scouters decided to unify the Scouring movement. It is at this time that the National Federation of Scouting was establidhed (1959). The country today has a small Scouting movemnent with a both a Scouting and Guide association. The Scout association is Les Scouts du Cameroun/Boy Scouts of Cameroon. It became the 99th member of WOSM (1971). The Guide association is the Association des Guides du Cameroun. It is a member of WAGGGS. The Scouting levels are: Louveteaux (Cubs; ages 6 to 11), Eclaireurs (Scouts; ages 11 to 15), Scouts aînés (Senior Scouts; ages 15 to 19), and Routiers (Rover Scouts; ages 19 to 26). Camerron Scouts regularly participate in world jamborees and other international events. Cameroon has a Moinistetr of Youth who often has also been the Chief Scout. EL Ahmadou Ahidjo ws the Youth Minister abnd Chief Scout at the time Cameroon Scouts joined the WOISM. The Scouting movement receives a range of support from the Cameroon Government which includes money to attend jamborees ad and other Scouting events. [Ewumnue-Monono. pp. 66-67.]


Ewumnue-Monono, Churchill. Youth and Nation-Building in Cameroon: A Study of ational Youth Day Messages and Leadership Discourse (1949-2009).


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