Argentine Scouting: Program Levels

Figure 1.--Here we see what looks like a game in progress at a Cub pack meeting in the 1990s. Cubbing seems to be a coeducational program.

Argentine Scouts have the standard Scout levels. These include: Lobatos/Cub Scout (ages 7 to 11), Scouts (ages 11 to 14), Caminantes (ages 14 to 17), and Rovers (ages 17 to 21). There is also a Scouts navales (Sea Scouts) program. We do not havev much information on the various programs atvthis time, but suspect it is similar to the standard Scouting programs around the world. We are not sure, but the Cubbing program appears to be coeducational. Caminantes I think means Hikers. It might be described as Seniot Scouting.


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