Argentine Scouting: Uniforms

Figure 1.--Here we see Catholic USCA Scouts in the early-1970s at a unit inspection. They are carefully done up in the uniform. Notice the Girl Guides in the background. Notice the knee socks with the colored tops.

We do not have a lot of information on the Argentine Scout uniforms. The garments are the same Scout items worn round the world. We are just beginning to collect details at this time. We do not yet know how the Argentine Scout uniforms varied over time. We do not know to what extent the uniforms of the different Scout associations varied. The Catholic USCA Scouts here, we think in the 1980s, at a troop ceremony wear dark green berets, khaki shirts, and blue shorts (figure 1). We note photographs of Catholic USCA Cubs wearing green shirts or sweaters and blue shorts. Scout groups have varied in their attention to the unifirm. Uniform standards seem fairly strong through the 1970s, but begn to decline in the 1980s.


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