Brazilian Boy Scout Uniforms: Chronology

Figure 1.--Here we see a group of Brazilian Scouts in 1933 on the way to their camp. Escoteiros capixabas no cais Glória, aguardando transporte para ir visitar a Penha.

We have very limited chronological information on Brazilian Scouting at this time. We assume that Brazilian Scouting must have been founded some time about 1910. The earliest photographs we have found date from the 1930s.

The 1910s

The 1920s

The 1930s

We note quite a few images of Brazilan Scouts at camp during the 1930s. Many of the images sho the boys in their formal uniform. Others shows the boys dressed casually. The uniform is a campaign cap A Sea Scout group appears to exist we notice some boys wearing swabbie-style sailor caps.

The 1940s

We notice a group of Brazilian Cubs in the 1940s. The Cub uniform looks similar to that worn by the Scouts. A few Cubs seem to be wearing their caps strangly. We do not note any appreciable difference between the Cub and Scout uniforms.

The 1950s

The 1960s

The 1970s

The 1980s


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