Armenian Boy Scouts

Armenian Boy Scouts
Figure 1.--This 1928 Egyptian portrait shows three Armenian Boy Scooys from the Cairo H.M.E.M. Armenian Club.

Armenia was an ancient kingdom conquered by a series of empires. In the modern era Armenians lived largely in the Russian and Ottomon Empires. I do not know if any Scout troops were organized in either area before World War I (1914-18). The large Armenian population was masacred by the Turks during world war I in a grusome Genocide designed as a massive ethnic cleansing operation. Small numbers of Armenians managed to escape to neighboring Middle Eastern and Balkan countries. Armenians in those countries formed separate Boy Scout units. The Armenians Boy and Girl Scouts in Bulgaria were called Zilia. We also notice Armenian Scouts in Egypt. The Armenian part of the Soviet Union became independent after the disolution of the Soviet Union. We do not yet know about the status of Scouting in independent Armenia.


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