Belgium VVKS/VVKSM Boy Scout Uniforms

Figure 1.--We believe that this is a modern VVKS group which has retained the traditioinal uniform. The boys wear the traditional wide-brimmed Scout hats, kerchiefs, grey shirts, brown corduroy shrts, and grey kneesocks, with wide green bands.

The Scouts here wear the traditional wide-brimmed Scout hats, kerchiefs, grey shirts, brown corduroy shrts, and grey kneesocks, with wide green bands. We are not precisely sure, however, just when this uniform was worn.

Vlaams Verbond van Katholieke Scouts (VVKS)

The VVKS is a Catholic Scout group in Flanders. We believe it is the largest Flemish Scout group. One HBC reader tells us that the Uniform here is the historic one of the VVKS (figure 1). We have little historic information on the early VVKS uniforms. We notice one VVKS which continues to wear the groups historic uniorm. We are not precisely sure, however, just when this uniform was worn.

Greater Scouts Organisation (VVKSM)

Another HBC reader tells us that those Scouts are indeed from Belgian Flanders (the Dutch speaking part of Belgium). The group is the VVKSM. The group is is one of the more strict in Belgium. They keep Cub's age 8 till 12 together. The VVKSM Cubs also retain the traditinal uniform. Boy Scouts from 12 till 17 and even 18 years togheter. Uniform is very strictn and even today They did not adapt the new VVKSM uniform and rules. But stick to the traditionnal onece. In winter Scouts will be allowed to were a pullover over the shirt. But the short's have to be worn winter and summer whitout exception. If a member is comming to a meeting in long trousers or not the perfect uniform he'll just be sent home. Most VVKSM Scout groups adopted the new uniform. This is green jeans bermuda or jeans trousers. Boy's are from 8 tiil about 11 cub. from 12 till about 14 Young scouts (young explorers they call them) from 14 til 17 scouts(explorers). This system was adopted as these agecgroups are more appropriate for some activities. Some Scouters disapprove. One Belgian Scouter writes, "The real spirit of Scouts and especially educational factor is gone with new age system. Since putting from 12 till 17 year togheter. Will learn the younger once quicker in more let say adult activities while's the older once will learn to take care with the younger once and learn responsabbilities. Most boys lern a lot better like that."

French Speaking Scouts in Flanders

There are several French speaking Scout groups in Dutch-speaking Flanders. A lot off Dutch-speaking parents put their children in French-speaking groups so that they learn French and keep it up to date. (The same does no appear to be so popular among French-speaking parents in Walonia (the French speaking areas of Belgium). Many Flemish (Dutch-speaking people) from Belgium are bilengual. They want their children to also be bilengual. Dutch and French is taught in the schools, but actually being with French-speaking children is a marvelous way to learn the language. Most of those group also have very strict uniforms. The only difference is that they do not wear brown shorts but rather dark blue shirts. They wear grey kneesocks and garters. They wear the Scouts wear the classic wide-brimmed hat and the Cubs wear the classic peaked cap--green with yellow piping. A lot of these groups require even a maximal and minimal lenght of short. About 4 inches inner leg maximum lenght. No knee lenght bermuda and no very very short short from let say 2 inches inner leg. A Belgian reader reader tells us, "The French-speaking troups are maintaining their traditional approach to Scouting. Actually some report increasing interest in boys joining their troops. Somehow there is a movement who starts very slowly but shurly back to traditionnal values."


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Created: May 19, 2004
Last updated: May 20, 2004