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Figure 1.--Field trips were a popular activity for Cubs. These bnoys appear to be visiting a rope factory. The photograph looks to be from the early 1980s.

Some activities were persued by most Scouts, although the skill level and focus say vary. Scouting is, however, an age-graded program. Thus there are also destinct activities produced by boys in the different levels of Scouting. Our information at this time is limited to Scouts and Cubs.


Cubing activities often involved the parents, adult leaders, and friends of Cub Scouts in largely home centered programs that teach a wide range of life skills, values, and attitudes consistent with those of the the sponsoring organization. Cubbing involved awide range of activities. As it was for younger boys the activities were mote home based. There were skills to learn like knot tying. There were a variety of projects like model building. Thre weekly pack meetings always had games which were very popular with the boys. There might also be skits. Outings and field trips were an especially popular activity. Cubbing activities are designed to encourage character development, physical skill, family unity, and enjoyment of learning. English Cub program based on Rudyasrd Kipling's book, Jungle Book. This was quite different than the American program which for rather racist reasons was not willing to embrace Africa and influenced by Seaton focused more on Indian Lore.


Some of the activities most associated with English Scouting, like Scouting around the world, are of course outdoor pursuits such as hiking, camping, cooking, and campgire singing and story telling. Scouting of course involves much more. The uniforms thus have to be designed for a wide range of activities. Scouts as uniformed groups have participated in a variety of activities from bands to summer camp as well as moder pusuits like computing. All during the year, activities are planned at patrol and troop meetings. Such activities are varied and can included sports programs, evenings around a fire, canoeing, hiking! Technical workshops can be held on carpentry and wood working, topography, first-aid, radio transmission (less omportant now because of the internet, woodlore, skits and other theatricals, and much more. There are also charitable fund raising programs. One popular fund raiser was "Bob a Job Day". Uniforms were designed for rough outdoor wear, but many boys also wore them to school and church. We are not sure there is any activity exclusevely associated with English Scouting. We are also not familar with any important English Scout program involving military training. Hunting was an activity in American Scouting, but we have not noted it as an activity in English Scouting. Many uniformed groups participated in similar activities such as bands and outdoor games, other groups has more destinctive programs such as weapons training pursued by the Hitler Youth. Some Scout activities are entertainment for the boys, other involve learing skills for which proficency badges can be awarded.


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