English Boy Scout Uniforms: Meetings

Figure 1.--These Hitler Youth boys are pictured at a picnic during a visit to England in 1937..

Lord Baden Powell from the beginning of the movement pursued Scouting as an international movement. This probably was in part a reflection of Britain's extensive empire. I'm not atvall sure that if Sciouting had been founded in abny other country, that it woyld have taken this intetrnationl approach, certainly not America. Wgile English Scouting pursued international expansion, there appared little interest in expanding the essentially midd,le-class Scout movement to working class boys. There is some indication that this middle-class focus still continues in nglish Scouting.

English Scouts-Hitler Youth

A group of Hitler Youth boys visited Tamworth in 1937. One of the contributers to the program mentioned the impression that the German boys' uniforms had. The British boys in their long, baggy, khaki shorts were envious of the German boys' well tailored black cord shorts and regalia. They admired the group and joined in with the Nazi campfire songs. So much for Lord Baden-Powel's assertion, when responding to critiscism of the visit and the effect that it may have, that he was of the opinion that no British boys would never fall for Nazi propaganda. This is not a critiscism of B-P. He was a man of proven honour and integrity. But many were taken in by Hitler on both sides of the Channel and it is easy with hindsight to be wise.


One of the primary events for boys in different countries have been jamborees. Scouts get together at both world and national jamborees. Even natkional jamborees can be intetnational events with freign Scouts participating. I'm not sure just to what degree early jamborees have been restricted to Scouts.

World Jamborees

Baden Powell, for example, initially saw the Wandervogel as German Scouts. He conceived of the idea of a world jamboree early on, but it was delayed until 1920 by World War I (1914-18).

National jamborees

HBU has no information at this time on English/British national Scout Jamborees.

Band Competitions

English Scouts sponsor Scout band competitions. While most of the competitors are English Scout bands. There are also entrants ftrom other countries and, I think, other youth opganizations,

Christopher Wagner

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Created: December 7, 2000
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