English Boy Scout Troop Sponsorship

Figure 1.--THis Farnham unit in 1971 display their awards shields. Both Boys Scouts and Cubs are shoewing them off..

We notice a lot of photographs of British Scouts with awards. This include trophies, shoelds or awards boards, or several other types of other awards. e are not entirely surce just what these awards are for. Many appear to be internal awatds for competitions between troops and patrols. Others may be competitions between other Scout units. Some seem to be won by Scout and Cub units combimed. We have few actual details on what these competitions are all about. There are a variety of ways in which units were rated, including attendance, unifirm turn out, fund raising, camp competitions, amd much more. Hopefully our English readers will provide us more details.


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Created: November 5, 2003
Last updated: November 5, 2003