French Boy Scout Uniforms: Suppliers

Figure 1.--

La Hutte (The Hut) was a multi-store chain of sporting goods. It was the official supplier of scout and cub uniforms and equipment in France. I'm not sure when the began offering Scout uniforms or what their current status is. We do know that in the 1950s they were the official Scout supplier. They bragged in 1957 about their hard wearding corduroy shorts.

The rear page of the Scout de France Journal in 1957 had the following advertisemnent. It can be translated as:

Ready for the camp!

You have been able to select out a rucksack that does not cut into the shoulders, a warm and comfortable sleeping bag, a good woollen sweater, a sturdy pair of shoes. And naturally, the uniform short trousers are in corduroy "To the gun". Well done, Scout! You have been able to equip yourself. You are ready for the camp. Go, Your road will be good. Corduroy "To the gun". Hard-wearing-becoming and regulation. It is the corduroy of the short trousers "The Hut"

Christopher Wagner

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Created: January 15, 2002
Last updated: January 15, 2002