French Boy Scouts: Activities

Figure 1.-- Les Scouts de l'Air de l'escadrille Bourjade tient son premier meeting sur le terrain de St Cyr Bois d'Arcy. Le lancement par les Scouts de l'Air , d' un modèle réduit. That ould translate as something like, The Bourjade squadeon (troop) of the French Air Scouts holds their first meeting on the ground of St. Cyr Bois d'Arcy. Here the Scouts are launching small-scale models. The photograph here was taken May 2, 1937.

Most French Scouts belonged to the principal main line of Scouting. There were also specialized Scouting unit. The most important was Sea Scouting. We also note Air Scouts, but know very little about them. They do not seem very important. Here we see a new Air Scout troop in 1937 (figure 1). I do not know if they still exist.


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