German Boy Scouts: Associations

Figure 1.--I am not sure which association to which these German Scouts belong. The boys here look like brand new Scouts. There uniform looks to include cord short pants.

German Scouting, as is the case in many European coyntries, is divided into many separate Scout associatiins. Thus assessing the many diferent associations is a complicated matter. Some of the larger associations include:


The Bund der Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder is interdenominational and coeducational.


The Deutscher Pfadfinderbundis is interdenominational. Both boys and girls participate, but in separated groups. The Guide and Scout Union follows the tradition of the German interdenominational Scout Movement (founded in 1911) and the Girl Guide Movement (founded in 1912). It resulted from a merger of the German Guide Union and the Scout Union on January 1, 1976. The association is open to boys and girls of all spiritual convictions. Scouting within the association is dedicated to life in nature and a consciousness of the social community as well as such activities as sports, craftsmanship and fine arts. Children are given the possibility to develop their own abilities and knowledge and to learn from each other. The group social life, which includes the handicapped and the children of migrant workers, encourages cooperation, tolerance, solidarity, acceptance of responsibility, decisions by concensus and activities. Every four years the association holds a national jamboree which is an occasion for meeting foreign Scout groups. These jamborees each have a central theme which gives them their character. In the 1980s, the concern about ecological matters was reinforced. The ÖkoPfad project (Ecological Way) required all groups to recognize and take responsibility for nature and the environment in practical ways.


The Deutsche Pfadfinderschaft St. George is a Catholic coeducational group. The German Saint George Scouting Association sees itself as an independent group of young Catholics and their leaders, and trains young people for a life of hope, independence, active solidarity and truth. About 80 percent of the units in all age sections are coeducational. The programme aims to help young people achieve selfreliance and cooperation through the Scouting method. An annual project helps strengthen international contacts and engages in community development projects in developing countries. The association is also commited to helping handicapped and other disadvantaged, especially foreign, young people.


Der Deutsche Pfadfinderbund besteht aus einem Jungenbund, einem Mädchenbund und dem Orden St. Georg über der Jungenschaft als gleichberechtigten Bundesteilen. Jungen und Mädchen bilden getrennte Gruppen. HBU has found some information about this German Scout association, unfortunately it is all in German.


The Deutscher Pfadfinderverband e.V. is interdenominational and coeducational. It is the parent organisation of 17 different associations.


The Pfadfinderinnenschaft St. Georg is a catholic association for girls only.


The Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder association is protestant and coeducational. This is a Protestant Association. In sharing Christian understanding of openness, freedom and love, the association is open to girls and boys of all faiths. Most of the trops at all levels are coeducational. All leader training is carried out on a coeducational basis. Based on the gospel of Jesus, great emphasis is placed on environmental and inter-cultural education, international relations and education for peace. There is a broad range of activities that are organized mainly on a county level. These include working with handicapped young people, promoting the rights of children in society, community service, education for peace, environmental education and support of special projects in developing countries. Decision-making is democratic through a system which offers members at all levels real opportunities to express their opinions. All members are therefore well represented in the main decisionmaking process at annual general meetings.


There are also many some smaller associations, including:
* Christliche Pfadfinderschaft 1921 CP'21
* Christliche Pfadfinderschaft Kreuzträger CPK
* Deutscher Pfadfinderbund Hamburg
* Evangelische Pfadfinderschaft Europas EPE
* Pfadfinderbund Südlegion
* Christliche Gemeinde - Pfadfinder (CGP)


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