German Boy Scouts: Levels

Figure 1.--The German Scouts may be Cubs, but our information on the different levels of German Scouting is still quite limited.

We believe that German Scouts have the same levels as other Scout groups around the world. We assume that there are Cubs, Scouts, and Rovers, although we have no details nor do we know what the Japanese terms for the different Scouting levels. We have noted some images that seem to be Cubs, but we have yet to obtain any inormation on German Cubbing or other Scouting levels. Scoutung has never been as popular in Germany as in many other European countries. This may have affected the ability of Scouter organizers to recruit groups large enough to have all of the different Scout levels. Most of the images we note of German Scouting seem to show Scouts. We have note few images of German Cubs. There may also have been differences among the various German Scout associations. Hopefully our German readers can provide us some details to better understand this aspect of Scouting.


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Created: June 8, 2004
Last updated: June 8, 2004