German Boy Scouts: Uniforms

Figure 1.--These German Scouts are wearing their Scout uniforms at camp. Other images showing German Scouts without their uniforms. Note that the boys are not wearing standard kneesocks. The photograph is undated, but the hair styles suggest the 1970s.

We have only limited information on German Scout uniforms at this time. Early German Scout uniforms were very similar to English Scout uniforms, which was quite common around the world in the early days of Scouting. Scouting was abloished by the NAZIs (1933). Some Catholic groups continued to function for a few years. New uniforms were introduced after World War II when Scouting was introduced. Immediately after the War, conditions in Germany were very difficult. Few boys had the money to purchase a Scout uniform. This changed with the German Economic Mifracle. Gradually we see a variety of different uniforms because of the different associations. We notice smartly uniformed groups into the 60s, but then interest in the uniform declined and Scouts began weating a range of non-uniform items.

Association Uniforms

There is no nation-wide German Scout uniform as there is no one German Scout association. HBU at this time does not have details on the various uniforms adopted by the different German Scout associations. After World War II, Scout uniforms were intially worn, but by the 1970s uniforms began to beconme less popular with German boys.


A wide variety of uniforms have been worn by the various German Scouts. In the early years from the 1910s until they were banned by the NAZIs, the German Scouts wore a short pants uniform similar to British Scouts. After the war, German Scouts were restablished and the many different associations adopted a wide variety of uniforms, all with short pants. As German boys began to less commonly wear shorts, the attention to Scout uniforms tended to decline, especilly in the 1970s. Currently Scouts can often be found wearing Scout shirts with badges with jeans or other non-uniform long pants.


German boys have worn many of the same uniform items popular with Scouts in other countries. German Scouts also adopted Scout items worn in other countries like the French beret. We note many German scouts wearing berets. Occasionally we notice German Scouts wearing the traditional lemon-squeezer hat, but berets were much more common. Scout shirts and scarves are very common. Most Scouts even when not fully uniformed wore a Scout shirt and scarve. Less common were uniform pants. We note boys wearing uniform pants to some extent, but we also noice a variety of other pants, jeans, sports shorts, and lederhosen. We note corduroy shorts were popular for a time, but gradually gave way to jeans. Lederhosen or leather shorts were especially popular in Germany although boys in other counties have also worn them althpugh except with austrai not to the same extent. Corduroy shorts were also very popular, but worn in many other countries. Lederhosen werev most common in Bavaria and southern Germany, but appear to have been widely worn by German Scouts. We rarely seen German Scouts wearing uniform kneesocks. There is a wide variety of footwear, including shoes, snakers, sandals, and boots.


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