Greek Scout Uniform Chronology: The 1940s

Figure 1.-- King Paul (Pavlos) here saluties Greek Boy Scouts parading in Kozani during 1948. The Greek Civil war was taking place at the time.

Greece after fendng off an Italian attack was invaded by the Germans in 1941 and swiftly occupied despite assistance from the British. The Germans and Italians were also opposed to Scouting. They did not ban the Scouting movement as EON had already done that 2 years erlieer. The Germans withdrew from Greece and the country was liberated by Resistance groups and the British (1944). The Greek Boy Scout movement was quickly organized after World War II and started to operate again. This occurred during a brewing Civil War which broke out after the War. The Boy Scouts were involved to a degree because the Communists saw the Boy Scouts who were generally favorable to Christianity and the monarchy as a conservative youth movement. Scouting was generally an urban, middle-claqss movement. The new uniform consisted of short shorts, shirt, knee socks, and a neckerchief.


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