Greek Boy Scout Uniforms: Levels

Figure 1.--Here is a Greek Cub pack in what looks like the 1950s. The boys are wearing a khaki uniform. Note some of the Cubs wearing the Greek national costume.

The Greek Scout uniform has varied over time. We have some incomplete information. We note Greek Cubs and Scouts wearing a khaki uniform in the 1950s. We have information on the current Greek Scout uniforms. Lykopoula or Cubs wear yellow shirts, khaki shorts, kneesocks, neckerchief, and traditional green peaked caps. We have noted different shade of yellow shirts. Some Cubs wear yellow flashes on their kneesocks matching the yellow shirts. Proskopoi or Scouts wear shirts, khaki shorts, knee socks, neckerchief, and beret. Anichneftes or ??? wear shirts, khaki shorts or longs, knee socks, neckerchief, and hats.


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