Mexican Boy Scout Uniforms

Figure 1.--Mecican Scouts on a camp out wear their formal uniforms.


The Mexican Scout Association (Asociación de Scout de México A.C.) was founded in Puerto de Veracruz during 1912. The early growth of the Scout movement in Mexico was hampered by the poverty in rural areas and the Revolution of the 1910s. The Revolution occurred just as the movement was beginning to develop in most countries. The Asociación was recognized by the World Scout Movement es reconocida por la Organización Mundial del Movimiento Scout in August 1926 after Mexico had entered a more traquil period of its history.

Scouting in Mexico

Mexican Scouts in 1999 had about 60,000 members organized into about 800 Scout groups. The goal od the Scout movement is to form the character of children and young people. encourage the fulfilment of religious, patriotic, and civil requirements. The Scouts seek to teach the principles of discipline, loyalty, and to neigbors. Scouts seek to promote independence and physical, mental, and spiritual development. These goals are in keeping with founder of the world Scout movement, Lord Baden Powell. The movement is conducted outside of schools by youth volunteers without destinction of creed, raze, nationality, origin, or economic status. The movement places a great emphasis on family, which is considered to be the integrating root of the community and central to civilization , based on love, truth, and justice.

Figure 2.--This Mexican Scout has a keen interest in photography.


Manada de Gacelas ( 7 a 10 años) Manada de Lobatos ( 7 a 11 años) Tropa Muchachas Scout ( 10 a 13 años) Tropa Muchachos Scout ( 11 a 13 años) Tropa Expedicionarias( 13 a 16 años) Tropa Expedicionarios( 13 a 16 años) Clan de Precursoras ( 17 a 21 años) Clan de Rovers ( 17 a 21 años)


Mexican Scouts wear a uniform of light blue shirts and dark blue shorts and knee socks. Kneesocks are not widely worn by Mexican boys. Scouts are the only biys since about the 1940s to wear them. Mexican Scouts appear to rarely wear their caps--a bit strange in a country where the sun is co intense.

Figure 3.--These older Mexian Scouts in 1995 attended a meeting in Mexicio City. Click on the image to see the rest of the group.

Christopher Wagner

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