Lithuanian Jewish Scouts

Figure 1.--Here we see a patrol of Lithuanian Jewish Scouts in 1927. We know very little about the Jewish Scout movement at this time.

We have very limited information about Lituanian Souting at this time. Lithuania is a heavily Catholic country and we suspect that the Scouting movement was strongly associated with the Catholic church. We do note a separate Jewish Scouting movement before World War II and the NAZI Holocaust. We know very little about the Jewish Scouts. We do know that this was common throughout Europe. It dependended on how Scouting was organized. In America there were Troops organized through the schools which had Jews, but there were also Troops organized through the churches that did not. In Lithuania we do not know if the youth joining the Jewish Scouts did not because they were rejected or poorly treated in other Scout troops or because they wanted to be in a separate Jewish troop, perhaps both were a factor. We note here a mixed patrol of boys and girls. It is likely that other Lithuanian Scout groups were nox mixed. We are unsure if the mixed Jewish troop represents a different outlook toward gender or simply the smaller number of Jewsish youth.


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