National Boy Scout Uniforms--Slovenia

Figure 1.--Here we Slovene Scouts at camp in 1935. The caption read "Tabor v Študi za Bistrico" I'm not sure what that meant.

We beieve that the Boy Scouts were organized in the Austro-Hungarian Empire during the 1910s. Slovenia at the time was still a Austro-Hungarian province. We believe Scouts at that time were orgnazied on a national/ethnic basis. This organization continued after he War when Slovenia became part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Scouting appears to have been organized in Slovenia in 1922. It think the movement had the support of Sokoli. but I do not fully understand te relationship. We are unsure how much internaction there was with other Yugoslav Scouts. During and after World War II, Scouting as banned by the Fascists (German and Italian). It was officially dissolved on June 10th, 1941 because of World War II. After the War when the Communists took over, Scouting was again banned. With the fall of Communism, ethic tensions intensified. Serbian efforts to dominate the country after Tito resulted in a series of wars as the constituent republic attempted to seceed from te Yugoslavian Federaton. Slovenia was the first to seceed and did so with a relaively short, bloodless war (1991). After the fall of Communism. the Pioneers disappeared. As far as we know, Scouting is currently the only active youth movement. The World Organization of the Scout Movement accepted Slovene Scouts (September 1994) Slovenia has two different Scouts associations in Slovenia: the Scout Association of Slovenia (ZTS) and (Slovenian Catholic Scout Association (ZSKSS).


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