Australian Boy Scout Uniforms: 2003

Figure 1.--These Scouts model the new 2003 uniforms. Each different level of Scouting has its own uniform color shirt. There are no longer any officail uniform pants.

Australian Scouts in 2003 decided on major changes to the uniform. According to an Australian newspaper account, "Scouts are ditching their time-honoured khaki uniforms because young members fear that they are not quite keeping up with cool street fashions. So it is out with the old and in with plain or two-tone tan, yellow, green, red, anf navy button up or polo shirts. Scouts will retain their traditional scarf and woggle but be able to use such accessories as attractive wenning belt." Scouts Australia Chief Commissioner Reg Williams was quoted as saying that the old unifoirm did not fill wearers with confidence. "We're listening to our young people whomare telling us that the existing uniform is daggy and they do not feel comfortable wearing it." Apparent some parents also objected to the military look of the khaki uniform. Williams says, "We want members to feel comfortable and have their uniforms reflect the way they think and dress." The new Scout uniform has a bright color to clearly identify the different klevels of Scouting. Jooey Scouts (6-8) will wear tan shirts , Cubs (8-11) will wear yellow, Scouts (10-15) green, Ventures (14-18) maroon, and Rovers ( -26) red. Adult leaders will wear navy blue. Scouts in 2003 are conducting "usability" trials. Goups leaders report a generalluy positive reaction, but some Scouters who grew up with the old uniforms are a bit sad to see them go. There no longer will be uniform headwear and pants, an effoirt to keep costs down. The National Executive Council plans to make a final decission by Juky 2003 and phase the new uniform in over a 5 year period.


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Created: April 9, 2003
Last updated: April 9, 2003