Australian Boy Scout Uniforms: Chronological Trends--The 1900s

Figure 1.-- This appears to be the Boy Scouts 1st Glenett Troop in South Australia on a climb to Mount Lofty. It is a very early image, but we are not sure of the date.

We do not currently have information on early Australian school uniforms, but would be interested in any details Australian visitors to this website could provide. Presumably Australian uniforms were similar, if not identical, to the early British uniforms. One source reports, "This photograph was taken by a gentleman called George H Judd who travelled extensively around the world at the turn of the century. 9cm by 9cm. The photo is titled in penci in on the back, " Summit of Mount Lofty, South Australia, Boy Scouts 1st Glenett Troop, Australian Scouts at watch tower". Mr Judd was visiting Australia for the celebrations in May 1901. - The Royal visit to open the first Common Wealth Parliament by The Duke and Duchess of York - later King George V and Queen Mary. G.Judd travelled through Indian ,Kashmir, China ,Korea, Japan, Africa, Egypt, Bagdad, Babylon, Jerusalem, Russia, Jamaica, Australia, Tasmania and so on- although not necessarily in that order." We are skeptical about the date. The British Scouts were not founded in Britain by Baden Powell until 1906. Thus there presumably would nit have been australian Scouts until after that date.


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