The Philippines Boy Scout Uniforms

Figure 1.--HBU is not sure about what country this Cub or Scout is from. We think it might be the Philippines. An insights from HBC readers would be appreciated.

The Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) was founded in 1936, a rather late date considering the American presence. The mocement was interupted by the Japnese invasion in December 1941 after Peal Harbor. The BSP joined the WOSM in 1945 after liberation from the Japanese. The BSP in 1998 had a membership of about 3.5 million. At this time, HBC has only limited information on Philippino Scouting.




Several factors lead us to believe that the boy shown here is probably a Filippino Cub or Scout. First he looks like he may be Filappino. But there are also uniform details. He is definitel a Cub or Boy Scout, note the rank badge on the left breast pocket. Theshirt itself is almost identical to the "V-neck" shirt (i.e., collarless) worn by American Boy Scouts in the 1950s-60s. As with many aspects of American culture at the time, it was closely copied by the Philippines.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: November 1, 2001
Last updated: November 1, 2001