South African Boy Scout Uniforms: Foreign Scouts

Figure 1.--

HBU has noted several different foreign Scout groups that operated in South Africa. HBU is not positive why this was. It seems that some parents formed national Scout groups rather than join South Aftrican troops. This is no unknown in other countries, but appears to have been more prevalebt in South Africa than other countries. I'm not sure why this was. It was perhaps related to language or the countries former Apartheid policies. Of course foreign Scouts also have the option of joining South African troops.

American Scouts

A American Scouter writes, "The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is divided into councils. There are hundreds of councils spread throughout the United States. BSA has several special "service" councils in Europe, the Far East, and Africa. These councils mainly serve the boys of personnel on US military bases in those locations, but they also serve other non-military families and BSA's Lone Scout program too. I happened to join a South African troop when I lived near Johannesburg in 1971 and 1972. But it's conceivable I might have joined an American troop had there been one (that I knew about.) I have great memories of my scouting experience in South Africa, and I wouldn't do it any differently now, even if there are/were BSA troops operating there now." [Keithleuy]

Dutch Scouts

German Scouts

One German Scout reports that while living in South Africa that he was part of the Deutsche Evangelische Lutherische Pfadfinder (DELP)--German Scouts in Pretoria from 1986-95. He reports fun and hair raising experiences were all part of his scouting years. He adds, "Und an allen deutschen freunden: Treffen uns wieder bei dem Lagerfeuer. Und ein letzten ruf des wilden deutschen Pfadies Zicke Zacke Zicke Zacke heu heu heu, buschkenacker buschkenacker teu teu teu !! B--R--A--V--O Ein letztes lied: Ein Delper junge hält still die Lagerwacht Das Feuer knistert und dunkel ist die Nacht Im Zelte schlafen schon al die Braven und mit den wimpern spielt der kuele Wind."


Keithley, Kaleb S. Scoutmaster, Troop 304 Belmont, E-mail message, November 18, 2003.


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Created: June 25, 2000
Last updated: November 18, 2003