Scottish Boy Scout Uniforms: Chronology--The 1910s

Figure 1.--HBU is not sure how extensively early Scottish Scouts wore kilt uniforms. This portrait was taken in Glasgow in 1911. The Scout wears the short trouser rather than the kilt uniform. Note this is a formalportrait, a circumstance that we might have thought that Scottish boys woukd have worn a kikt with their uniform.

We have only a few Scottish Scouting images from the 1910s. The few images we have show boys wearing short trousers like English Scouts rather than kilts. Given the small number of images, we can not yet make assessment as to whether kilts or shorts were more common. We believe that location and activity were probanly factors. We note, however, that the few images we have are formalportraits, a circumstance tgat we thought that kilts might hgavce been more common. The Scottish scout seen here is wearing a Scout uniform that seems identical to English Scouts (figure 1). Note the large Scout emblem on his hat. We do not know if kilts were worn from the beginning in Scottish Scouting or if it developed after the Scouting program had developed. We have only a few images before World War I (1914-18). We know that some Boys' Brigade boys wore kilts with the uniform so it seems likely that some early Scouts did as well.


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Created: March 15, 2004
Last updated: 11:15 PM 6/7/2012