** Scottish boy scout uniforms -- chronology 1920s

Scottish Boy Scout Uniforms: Chronology--The 1920s

Figure 1.--HBU is not sure how extensively early Scottish Scouts wore kilt uniforms. This fornmal family portrait shows the two Scouts wearing their uniform with kilts. The portrait is undated, but based on the gir;ls' clothes looks to be the 1920s.

We do note quite a few Scottish Scouts wearing kilts after World War I in the 1920s. It appears to have been an individual decession. We are not sure that all Scottish Scouts had kilts, byt as most Scouts were middle class, we assume that many did. Here there my have been differences between the Lowlands and Highlands. Some troops may have decided to either wear shorts or kilts so that they had the same uniform. Here we are not yet sure about the common conventions. It appears to have been a kind of dress uniform. We note family portraits with the boys wearing their Scout uniforms with kilts. A photograph of Scottish Scouts at the 1929 World Jamboree show boys wearing the standard British Scout uniform, but some boys are weaing it with kilts. All boys are wearing the wide-brimmed Scout hat. we do not see any Scottish Scouts wearing Glengaries, always the standard Scout hats. We do not have many images from the 1920s so we are less sure how the boys dressed for standard Scouting activities are while at camps. .


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