Scottish Boy Scout Uniforms: Chronology--The 2000s

Figure 1.--This troop portrait shows uniform trends in the early 2000s. Scouts and Cub uniforms are similar. Beaver wear grey sweatsuits. Aduly Scouters wear tan uniforms.

We notice a general decline in uniform during the 2000s. Scouts still have and wear uniforms. We note, however, at camps boys normally wear their own clothes and only wear their uniforms for formal events. Units vary. Changes in the 2000s have the Cubs and Scouts wearing similar looking uniforms. The Scouts wear green shirts and the Cubs darker green jersies. The adult Scouters wear the old tan uniforms and the Beavers grey sweat suits. All the boys wear long pants, except some Scouts who wear kilts for formal events. Beavers have become an important part of most Scout troops. Hopefully Scottish readers will provide us details on current uniform trends.


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Created: April 7, 2004
Last updated: April 7, 2004