Scottish Boy Scout Uniforms: Religion

Figure 1.--Here we have a Scottish Jewish troop in 1928. Presumably the troop was sponsored by the synagogue. We are not sure what the policies of other troops was toward accepting Jewish boys. Click on the image to see the rest of the troop.

We have only limited information on religion and Scottish Scouting. I'm not sure what the regulations were concerning relogion. Actual religious practices would have varied from troop to troop. This is because many troops were sponsored by individual churches. These troops would have been composed mostly with boys from the same religion. They would have also given more attention to religious activities. I am not sure to what extent they excluded boys of other religions. Secular groups also sponsored Scout troops. Generally speaking religion would have been given less attention in these troops. They would have been composed of boys from different religions. I do not know what the policy toward athiests was. We notice Jewish troops. We assume that this is a troop organized by a synagogue. We are unsure what the policy of other Scout groups was toward Jews.


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Created: 11:05 PM 5/26/2005
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