Scottish Sea Scouts: Program

Figure 1.-- This Edinburgh Scout troop is a mixed unit. The reguklar Scouts wear green shirts. The Sea Scouts wear bth the kight blue shirts and dark blue puulover seaters. Notice they all wear green neckerchiefs, showing that they are in the sane troop. I'm not sure just what the joint activity is here.

Of course all boys must learn to swim and do basic lifesaving. The boys must be able to swim a certain distance. It was 100 yards in the 1960s. I'm not sure what it is now and have the certificate to prove it, before being able to join the Sea Scouts. Most learn at their primary schools but not many get their 100 yard certificate at a young age. That is why you do not see Sea Scout Cubs. The swimming requirement is not there for normal scouts so they can enrol younger boys into Cubs and Beavers. The mixed groups have a mixed program. Many activities they do jointly with the regular Scouts, but then they have boating and sailing activities separate from the regular Scouts.

Water Activities

Sea Scouts offer a wide range of water activities in addition to the land activities of the regular Scouts. Sea Scouts put considerable emphasis on safety. Water safety is of course central to anything that the Sea Scouts do. Many of the favorite activities are: sailing, canoeing and raft building. Scotland is located at a very northern lattitude. Thus outdoor water activities are with few exceptions done in the summer months. During the rest of the year Sea Scouts persue various activities with a nautical theme.


Sea Scouts vommonly join Land Scouts for camps, such as the camp scene shown here. The Edinburgh Scouts have two camp events. Over the Easter weekend they spend 4 nights in an outdoor centre where a variety of activities, games and badge work are carried out. The annual Summer Camp is the highlight of the year. They spend a week under canvas in a field, usually by the side of a Loch, somewhere in Scotland. This provides huge possibilities for water activities, games, walks, abseiling, wide games, cooking, treasure hunts, and much more. There are occasionally weekend camps are organised at various times throughout the year.

Badge Work

The Sea Scouts use the Scout progressive training scheme that starts with the Scout Award and progresses through the Pathfinder Award, Explorer Award and on to the Chief Scout's Award. Sea Scouts like Land Scouts persue a range of proficiency badges. The badge work is fully integrated into the program, botha t the weekly meetings and at camps. The Sea Scout program is planned so the badge work exciting, interesting and educational.


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Created: November 15, 1998
Last updated: March 15, 2004