Scottish Sea Scouts: Uniforms

Figure 1.-- This Edinburgh Scout troop is a mixed unit. The reguklar Scouts wear green shirts. The Sea Scouts wear bth the kight blue shirts and dark blue puulover seaters. Notice they all wear green neckerchiefs, showing that they are in the sane troop.

The Scottish Sea Scouts wear light blue shirts raher than the dark green shirts Scouts wear. Sea scouts also have a pullover worn with the belt over it and a lanyard.The pullover can be needed by the water (cold). Uniform trousers have disappeared (most have a kilt for parades). The Edinburg group in 2004 tells its members concerning what to wear, "Sea Scout Shirt, Scout Belt, Scout Woggle, and Emerald Green necker. All of these are available from the Scout Shop ('Camping and Outdoors') on South Bridge just around the corner from Chambers Street. The staff should know what you're looking for. On normal nights any form of trousers are worn with the uniform but in special occasions when the scouts are seen in public smart trousers should be worn if possible. Uniform is worn nearly all Friday nights at the start and end of the evening. However you should bring a rugby top / sweatshirt to change into during activities." Of courrse on special occassions the kilt can be worn. In the 1990s jogging bottoms were popular as they could be pulled on over shorts (casual) when it turned cooler as well as jeans. Black or navy blue were favourite colours for jog bottoms anyway. They are preferred to jeans for Sea Scouts near the water in case they go in (jeans take up the water and can drag you down). When Scouts wore shorts uniform Sea Scouts wore navy blue shorts. They also wore rounded white hats. The uniform had to be distict from the Sea Cadets - run by the Royal Navy for boys 14 and upwards (there are also Air Cadets and Army Cadets).For this reason the Sea Scouts navy blue pullovers, similar to the Sea Cadets ones but without the shoulder patches, have "Sea Scouts" written on the front in white. I don't know the history of this. The more modern pullovers are more like long sweatshirts (similar to the green ones some cub packs wear now). The blue shirts came along later and is really a blue version of the green Scout shirt,


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Created: November 15, 1998
Last updated: March 15, 2004