Scottish Boy Scout Uniforms: Cubs

Figure 1.--Scottish Cubs like these Cubs photographed i the 1980s, unlike Scouts, rarely wore kilts. Notice the new boy who does not yet have his neckerchief.

Scottish Cubs have almost always worn the traditional peaked Cub cap as in England. We have not noted Scottish Cubs wearing Glengarries or other destinctive headwear. I am not sure how commonly Scottish Cubs wore kilts like the Scouts. A Scottish reader tells us that in the 1950s that he and some other Cubs occassionally wore kilts to meetings, but that it was less common than in the Scouts. Another Scottish reader reports that "Most Scottish Cubs in the 1980s and eraly 90s that I have seen wore short trousers until the 1990s when long pants became more common." Another report from Scotland indicates, "I never saw any Scottish Cubs in kilts. I don't know why. Maybe they just ran around so much it wasn't practical." Scottish Cubs, like the boys here, were indestinguishable from English Cubs.


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Created: January 2, 2004
Last updated: January 2, 2004