Swedish Girl Guide Movement

Figure 1.--Here we see Swedish Brownies with Queen Silvia in 1992. Brownies were the junior division of the Girl Guides.

Swedes were also among the leaders in girl scoulting/guiding. Girls in Sweden began to organize at the local level (1910). This seems to have been promted by developments in Britain. Girl Guiding at the national level was founded (1913). Guiding in the British term for girl scouting. And many countrues round the world adoptd the name guiding rather than scouting for the girls. The Swedish Scout motto is: "Var redo!" - "Alltid redo!" (Be Prepared! - Always prepared!) The junior unit as in Britain were the Brownies. At first Brownies wre the only junior group, but younger groups were otganized, the same process as with the Cubs. Interest in combining Guiding and Scouting began (1960s). Both Swedish Scouting and Guiding as close relations to the Swedish Royal Family. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden is the most prominent member of the Scouterna and the Honorary President of the World Scout Foundation- All his children are members of the movement. We continue to see separte units for the boys and girls, although there was a growing inteest in unifying the movement (1990s).


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