Swedish Boy Scout Levels

Figure 1.--Here we see a Swedish Cub pack, we think in Stockholm during 1928. They seem to be giving some kind of demonstration. The boys are wearing what look to be British Cub uniforms, but you can tell they are not British because they are all wearing long stockings.

Swedish Scout have the same basic levels as Scouts in other countries, but they use other names and age levels are a little different. There were variations in the various asociations. As the movement is now unified, there is now one level system. The modern system is afollows. The younger group is Spårarscout which translates as Tracker Scout. This would be the Cub group, age 8 - 9 years, a little tighter age group than most Cubs in other countries. We also notice the term Vargunjar being used. We notice these boys wearing uniforms lloking like British Cubs in the 1920s. The next group is Upptäckarscout or Discoverer Scout 10 - 11(12) years. Many of these boys would be in the Cub group in other countries. Next is Äventyrarscout or Adventurer Scouts. They are age 12(13) - 14(15) years. This is the basic Scout group in most countries. The older Scout group is Utmanarscout or Challenger Scouts, age (15)16 - 18 years. The young adult group is Roverscout or Rover Scouts age 18 - 25 years.


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