United States Boy Scout Uniforms: 1917

Figure 1.--This image was identified as Troop Brock. I'm not sure what that mean. The photograph was taken in 1917.

The BSA established the Veteran Scout program in 1917. America declared war on Germany in April 1917. A wave of patriotism spread like a tidal wave over the country. The BSA was able to take advanatage of this patriotic spirit. The BSA after the entry of America in World War I, begins home-front service in 1917 with the "Help win the war". The Scout motto, "Be prepared" was put into action. The Scouts persued many home-front activities. Scouts planted "war gardens" with the logan, "Every Scout to feed a soldier". They sold over 2 million war bonds. Another project was to collect peach pits which were used to make charcoal for gas masks. These patriotic prjects helped to make the Boy Scouts enormously popular.


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Created: April 7, 2004
Last updated: April 7, 2004