* U.S. boy scout uniforms: 1922

United States Boy Scout Chronology: 1922

Figure 1.--Here Boy Scouts in Fresno, California are celebrating the organization's 12th birthday on February 8, 1922. This is the members of the local council, some in uniform and some so newly recruited they did not have uniforms, as they stood at attention during the speech-making that day. Fresno Mayor Truman G. Hart and Chris Jorgensen, chairman of ' the Fresno County Board of Supervisors, became honorary Tenderfoot Scouts during the ceremony. The man at extreme left with his hands on. his hips is Scout Executive Henry L. Hopkins. Emil Gundelfinger was the president of the Scout Council in 1922.

Americans began to reexamine their participation in World War I in the 1920s. The Scouts gad played their role with many activities supporting the War effort. very soon after the War, many Americans concluded that it had allnbeen a great mistake. This was to lead to anti-war, pacifist, and isolationist movements. This affected Scouting The BSA for its part decided that a new uuniform was needed that was more clearly differentiated from the U.S. Army uniform. The new uniform was introduced in 1922. The BSA wanted to maintain the disciplined image of Scouting, but reduce confusion with the military. The BSA wanted to maintain para-military disciplne and a patriotic ethos. The new uniform had the neckerchief that proved popular with European Scouts and was perceived as boyish and without military connotations--although the calvary in the Indian campaigns had worn neckerchiefs. A shirt replaced the coat-like jacket and shorts were added to the uniform. Almost all boys, however, refused to wear then and continued wearing breeches and knickers, except when at Scout camps. [Macleod, p. 183.] Scouting was not limited to outdoor activiting and individual merit badge work. We note Scouts continued participate in parriotic event and public parades and events. Here Scouts in Fresno, California are celebrationg the organization's 12th birthday (figure 1).


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