United States Boy Scout Uniforms: 1929

Figure 1.--Thesec Scouts from Bronxville are preparing to attend the 3rdcWorld Jamboree in England during 1929. This is the uniform they wore to the Jamnoree. I'm not sure what their regular uniform was.

The registration of all Scouters authorized in 1929. Scout official Edward F. Reimer published an informative book, Matching Mountains with the Boy Scout Uniform. I don't quite understand the title, but the book is loaded with information about Scouting and the Boy Scout uniform. At the time, it was the only work on the Uniform authorized by the Boy Scouts of America. The New York stock market crashed in October 1929, ushering in the Great Depression, and affecting the avility of many boys to afford to participate in Scouting. The BSA sent a substantial contingent to the 3rd World Scout Jamboree in England. The American contingent was 1,300 strong. The Scouts participating in the Jamboree wore a short pants uniform rather than the knicker uniform that most Scouts wore. There was still no national Scout Jamnoree organized by the BSA. The stock market crashed in 1929. The ensuing Depression would affect the ability of many boys to participate in Scouting.


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Created: April 7, 2004
Last updated: April 7, 2004